In the summer of 2013 "I went natural by accident".  I had my first relaxer at the age of 10 or 11 so after my big chop I had absolutely no idea what to do with the 1.5 inches of hair that was left on my head.  I've learnt a little more since then with thanks to YouTube, Instagram, Google and my own silly mistakes. 

Before we go any further, growing long healthy 4c hair takes time! Don't be discouraged if your hair retention isn't as exponential as that of your "YouTube/Instagram hair twin".

Here a few that I wish someone had told me at the beginning.

 1. Wash your hair in sections or twists.
This is a game changer. It makes wash days feel a little easier because you aren't overwhelmed with one, big head of hair! Placing hair into sections or twists also reduces tangles which is always a plus.   
2. Find a de-tangling method that works well for you.
Tangled, knotted hair is going to break, minimize that problem with regular de-tangling sessions. Regular for you could mean weekly, every two weeks or even monthly. Personally I only do an intensive de-tangling session on wash days. Contrary to popular belief using a comb isn't a sin against kinky hair and if done correctly and gently all of your hair won't end up on the floor when you're done. Whether you use tools, your fingers or a combination is your choice. A comb doesn't need to glide smoothly through your kinky tresses but ensuring that the hair is well de-tangled along it's entire length is key.

3. Cleanse your hair!
 Conditioner ONLY washing isn't the wisest option for most persons. Our hair needs to be cleansed! You can use shampoo, clay or whatever option you choose just be mindful that placing a conditioning agent on your hair then rinsing it off isn't going to give you the best clean. There's a reason we don't wash our skin with lotion.

4. Add moisture to your hair before it becomes too dry.
 Experiment with a moisture routine to find what works best for you and your hair. After you've moisturized your hair figure out how many days pass by before it becomes noticeably dry then apply moisture the day before your hair gets to that point.

5. Apply the same  products between wash days.
 Whenever you're moisturizing or styling your hair try to use the same set of products from one wash day until the next. Avoid confusing and stressing your hair by piling a variety products with different formulas unto your strands. This may also help to prevent product build up and flaking.

Help your fellow Naturals out. If you've got any healthy hair tips share them below!
 Some days you spend 3 hours installing a fabulous set of two strand mini twists that you absolutely love and can't wait to rock! On other days, you toil away in your natural hair for 8 hours only to end up with a head full of straggly, ugly twists that you can't justify taking out because you've just invested a full day of work on the installation.

These twists are staying in but you have to go out! What's a girl with a head of unwearable twists to do? No worries! I've got you. Keep reading for a couple of tips and tricks that will help you rock your "unwearable" twists.

1. Toss It Into An Updo

You can get creative with this first option. Depending on their size the twists can be styled in similar ways to loose hair.  Buns and Roll, Tuck and Pin styles work really well on twisted hair. Add some hair jewelry or beads to give the look some spice!

2. Wrap It Up

Head wraps are always a fun addition to your outfit of the day. You've got so many choices! You can even show off some of your unwearable twists or hide them all!

3. Fake It Girl

This one is a personal favorite! You get the look of a gorgeous, kinky puff but your hair is actually protected within those mini twists that were so patiently installed. Looser twists, especially at the root, will result in a more seamless and realistic look. It's honestly a win, win situation.

There you have it! Three ways to rock your "unwearable" two strand twists.

Let us know! Do you have any interesting tips/tricks for wearing ugly twists.

Much Love
 "I always do the same styles."

"You can't do anything with 4c hair!"

"Natural hair is difficult."

"It's so hard to style..."

Does that sound familiar? I've heard this refrain so many times and it's so sad. Funny enough, I've found myself muttering these same words under my breath while wrestling with this head of very kinky, coily, nappy, knotty hair! It can be a struggle. I know this. You know this. We all know this!

We accept the fact that kinky hair isn't always easy to manipulate but we should also acknowledge that it's probably one of the most versatile textures around. Is there anything that our hair can't do? Sure, we have to put in a tiny bit of extra work and yes on other days we have to put in a few hours of extra work.  But isn't it worth it when your healthy head of kinky hair is done up in a gorgeous style?  

Below I've shared with you some of my favorite styles from the past five years.  All of the styles are pretty simple. There's quite a variety for you to choose from; high puffs, two strand twists, twist-outs with a twist and buns, buns and more buns.  You can modify most of them to suit whatever stage of the natural hair journey you're presently enjoying. Happy styling!

Much Love,


It's good to be back.

It's been years since I've consistently published blog posts but believe me, Deep Fried Stilettos has been alive and well in this daydreamer's thoughts. We've simply been awaiting the day when fear and procrastination would give way to endless possibilities and productivity. Today's that day, let's claim it!

Believe me, I'm still afraid to open myself up to negative criticism but there's so much that I want to share with you! So we're taking that leap. Ok? Are you with me?  Let's do this and do it right.

I've been contemplating the fate of my older posts. Oh, my word. Some of them are ridiculously cringe worthy!   I just want to delete the entire thing, throw the whole blog away! Literally. But, on the other hand I started blogging when I was 17 years old and fresh out of high school which is definitely a cringe worthy period! These pages hold so many memories and it's an absolute joy strolling down memory lane, regardless of the embarrassing pot hole or two!

There's so much that I'd love to share with you; my natural hair journey, nutrition, Caribbean living, health and wellness, so many ideas, my fingers simply can't type fast enough!

I  hope that you've been absolutely wonderful, blessed and showered with love.  Here's to new beginning!

Much Love,


Protective Styling is a hot topic in the natural hair world. You've probably done research on the topic or read an article here and another one there. You know the basic  information like "wear a satin scarf or bonnet", "be sure to moisturize your own hair", "avoid tension" and "start on clean, healthy hair".  Those are excellent tips and you really should follow them!

 Protective styles have been a major part of my hair regimen and along the way I've picked up some useful information. Below are a few pointers that, in addition to the usual tips and tricks, will make your next protective styling experience a great one.

1. Choose the right style.
That seems simple enough but there are a few things that should be considered. Ensure that the style you choose is one that you'll actually enjoy wearing! It should work well with your lifestyle and remember that your hair and scalp may absolutely hate a certain protective style. That's okay, you've got many more to choose from!

2. Select the right type of extension.
The hair extension selected should be appropriate for the look that you're going for. You've got lots of options to choose from. When it comes to extensions, shop around and do your research. Some types of extensions require lots of upkeep while others can take beating and still look fabulous.

3. Decide what length of time is right for you
Most articles suggest that you rock a protective style for 3-6 weeks. Determine how long your hair can go without proper washing, deep-conditioning and detangling. You know your hair best so it's up to you to decide what length of time is best for the health of your hair

4. Clean your scalp regularly 
There's nothing worse than a dirty, itchy scalp! It's even worse when the itch is buried under a protective style. It's important to clear away build up every week or every other week. You can do a full wash but you've also got the option of using baby wipes or a cloth and some warm water to gently remove any build up.

5. Detangle in sections 
 Most persons get a massive headache when it comes to removing a protective style. Take a breath and take your time. Remove the braids or twists in small to medium sized sections, mist with water and gently finger detangle. Yes, it's a little time consuming but trust me it's way less frustrating than dealing with a head full of tangled, matted hair.

If you're installing the protective style yourself start preparing the extensions a few days in advance. That way you don't have to spend 3 hours cutting yarn or curling crochet braids before siting on your butt for a few more hours installing them. Do yourself a favor, spread the work out.

If you've got any tips or tricks  please share them with us in the comments. Spread the knowledge!

If you've got questions feel free to ask!