the sun still lingers


Today the sun "lingered" or so my dear old aunt said ... It was twilight for a mighty long time, I got the feeling that the sun was afraid of going to bed and letting the day end :) !!!

That got me thinking about all the days that I hadn't wanted to end, for me most of those were spent on the

(Wanna know something interesting???  I'll tell you anyways... On Antigua we've got 365 beaches... THAT'S ONE FOR EACH DAY OF THE YEAR FOLKS... :D  )

Below are photos of two of those days on two of those beaches...

On Little Fryes Beach...wearing a   print shirt as a dress 

Line fishing at Mamora Bay (I think, I'm somewhere out there .... the water in the space between both sets of people was around 5 feet deep... perhaps my head is covered, as I'm only 4 ft 11''!!!)

Do tell me what you think...Have you ever wanted the day to "linger''???