All good people will try and fight


I'm sorry about not posting anything on my blog, or commenting on anyone's blog in what seems like ages, I've got lots of news for you my dears,and lots of excuses too!

                  1)I PASSED MY EXAMS!
                  2)I caught a bad case of the flu during my celebrations
                  3) There's a storm brewing which may or may not turn into a hurricane
                  4) I HAVE PASSED THE 100 FOLLOWERS MARK :)
                   {thanks everyone!!}

The reason I started this blog was to figure out exactly what directions I want to take when it comes to what I wear, so I'm really grateful for all your comments!

I'd love for you to give me your input on which of the following outfits you like best,



















My favorites are 11, 13,14 and18...I've got some more Uh Huh Her for you..I'm in love with their Mystery Lights lyrics...This song is so very chilling and haunting LOVE IT!

Billions of people, they have their reasons
No destination, just a slave to this perfect
They turn their back on you

And if anyone would just join hands,
I'll tell you something you would not believe
I see the signs, seen the writings on the wall
And baby I'm scared

All good people will try and fight
But what they don't know will kill them

Turn around please

Come down, systems, collide
Say are you alone?
Hide here, tonight
Starry skies shine the light
Go back, run fast
You've come too late, there is nothing left
Can you, hear us, go fast
Send out a warning

No one will answer, we try to obey
So will you lead us in the right direction
We could be saved by you

We've been misguided by a shady plan
It's the demise of the modern man
Tell everybody that you've seen firsthand
And nature, she'll take her course

All good people will try and fight
But what they don't know will kill us all

Turn Around Please

Now that I'm over my flu, I'll be spending the next 5 hours, ignoring the storm outside and catching up on your blogs :)