You hold the rights I'll never own


I thought I'd mix today's post up a bit!!! :) I usually post only my fancier and nicer outfits but today I'm posting a school outfit... THAT'S RIGHT... an EVERYDAY OUTFIT =D ... well a peek of my everyday look as most of my body is hidden in these photos ha ha ah ha 

I had a lot of Time on my hands today I hope you enjoy this little peek into my day =D

  I did a "What's in my bag post" (yes... I had a lot of time on my hands) ha ha, I've always wanted to do one but I've never had the time :) It was rather fun :) You can check out all my junk ha ha ha

Currently my favourite song is Chemistry of a Car Crash by Shiny Toy Guns.... I'm Addicted to their music... I love this segment of the song...

You hold the rights I'll never own
And I've never felt 
so alien
Don't tear us apart again

What is the use of it
We're ok it's nothing...
It's all chemistry of a car crash