It feels so right


 Deep Fried Stilettos is being revamped  in both appearance and content!!. 

 I will be writing more about my struggles with finding clothing that I like (I live in Antigua and Study in Trinidad both are Caribbean islands with no or few department stores, while online shopping for me  is an expensive and long process). 

Caribbean Society is rather closed minded when it comes to clothing and because of it's very casual nature, I find It hard to dress in ways that express my personal style.

Tell me what you think of the changes!!!

These a few of the photos taken in my garden over the Christmas break and a few are from here at uni... I know they're a bit over due! :)

I'm currently listening to Wait Another Day by Uh Huh Her.... These are my favourite bits!

I look at the starlight,
I am shattered by the night
Always run where I can and
I hide where I wanna hide
But it feels so right,
I want it tonight
It feels so right

Oh, I went out of my mind
I am caught here
one more time
I know how it feels tonight
I can do nothing about it
But it feels so right,
I want it tonight
You feel so right

I will wait to love you
I will wait another day
For you I'd leave
all this behind
I will wait for you tonight
I will waste
another dream on you
Always run to you, run