Jelly-fishing in the Rain

Sponge bob would be proud!

 When I went to the sea shore a few days ago I found one section of the beach littered with jellyfish. I absolutely adore jellyfish, I really do. :) I can't resist scooping them up, they're so soft and cool and smooth.

 When I was younger my Daddy taught me to catch them without getting stung...It's actually really simple, just use the palms of your hands to pick the jellyfish up, always making sure that you hold it on it's back rather it's under belly which is filled with poison sacks and tentacles!! 

Jelly-fishing is ridiculously fun, that's my option, but then again I'm weird like that....Maybe it's a horrible experience and everyone else hates it and thinks it's gross!!! ha ha 

Much Love 


  1. some time ago I met jellyfishes here in Estonia and I didn't even know we had those amazing creatures in our waters. I didn't touch them but they are SO cute :) and your beach photos are great!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. omgoodness i would never pick one up!!!! great photo though!!

  3. Oh cool! I would never get one, I'm too scared to >.<