An Almost New Start

Hello friend

I'm thinking of changing the name of this blog.... It's something that I've been thinking of doing for quite some time. Deep Fried Stilettos will always have a place in my heart, it's the name that introduced me to the world of blogging, I've made many good blogging friends because of it..... I've been confused for the few months never quite knowing what to write about, the posts have been all over the place and  have been lacking the quality that I would like them to have..... So I've decided to change the direction that this blog is heading in...... 

I believe that the name Salted Freedom (original name of this blog) is better suited for what I want this blog to grow into but I just love the name Deep Fried Stilettos. Which name do you think most suits a life blog??
 Whatever the name this will be a life and photo blog, diary, journal about a  Caribbean girl, about the things she does and feels, about the people she meets and about the adventures that she embarks on......

I'm rambling sorry.
I hope you'll stay and enjoy the ride

We took this photo along one of the winding mountain roads leading to Las Cuevas, a tiny beach on the north coast of Trinidad.

What do you think of the new concept behind Salted Freedom??
Do you prefer the name Deep Fried Stilettos???

Much Love


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment! I really like this dress. I looks great on you :)
    I'll definitely follow you back!
    love, Vief

  2. Hey! I just joined your blog. From first glance it looks fun and interesting. I must say, however, that when I read the name 'Deep Fried Stilettos" it kinda grabbed me and now it refuses to be replaced in my head by ur present blog name! :D In the same breath I will also say that Salted Freedom is interesting in its own right! Thanks for following my blog and I look forward to pursuing yours.

    PS - the pics are much fun to view.

    Without wanting to push my luck, I ask that you LIKE my new FB page called jazzy.funky.fresh which are my handmade button and fabric earrings page (nope, not expecting a sale but I am looking LIKES)

    take care x

  3. Juuuuust found and following your blog!

    I gotta say - I LOVE "Deep Fried Stilettos" name. No seriously, absolutely love it!
    But, it's all about you and what you feel you're about!

    You look gorgeous btw :)

  4. I don't know I kinda like Deep Fried Stiletto's it made me curious!

  5. Oh wowwww, this printed dress - it´s pretty gorgeous!
    x the cookies

    Thanks for your sweety comment! i love your senegalese braids and this dress whaouuu :))

  7. thanks for your sweet comment! keep it up girl!

  8. i like Deep Fried Stilettos just because it's different and attention grabbing, but i know what you mean. Salted Freedom suits the blog.