I'll never let go

Very quick post because I'm super tired. 
(Why do I keep posting at night, when I know I'm too sleepy  to think straight?) 
I've got quite a bit of material piling up so, the upcoming posts should be pretty interesting, I hope! 

This morning I went to the beach, with my sister and nephews, there was hardly anyone around...just the way I like it. I got this crochet cardigan thingy from Sylene awhile ago ... I love it! 
I'm also loving these box braids that my roommate and I did.
 If you've got any questions about anything feel free to ask because I will try to answer them in a future post!



The title for this post was taken from a Snow Patrol song with  the same name.
So yup... that's about it...I may or may not edit this in the morning when I'm thinking straight...er. 
On second thought I don't think I will edit it.... 

Much Love