Fuchsia Fish Tails


I'm back at University, I really can't believe it but I am. I'm serious,  I found myself sitting in class, doing my best impression of a dazed deer stuck in the head lights of a mack truck, wondering when on earth I set foot on that plane! Well I know that I got unto the air plane on Sunday night......but you get what I mean....don't you?
I'm in the middle of getting acquainted with  my class schedule and living arrangements, I've got a new roommate from Peru, pure awesomeness, I'm also living out of my suitcase and eating fast food and take-away for every meal, not so awesome. I haven't had much time to create posts or reply to comment or emails so please forgive me for that, the last few weeks have been hectic. 

I only remembered about these today, they were taken a few days into my Christmas holiday. It was just about dusk, when I slipped on my mum's  vintage, fuchsia, fish tailed dress, grabbed a jar sorrel juice and had my nephew take these photo's. I love wearing vintage clothes especially those that belonged to my mother, I cant help but think about all the experiences, events and conversations that those pieces of fabric bore witness to! If clothes could talk! Is it the same with you?