A treasure trove of memories

The sun is setting now but you can hardly tell, we've been stuck in a gloomy state for most of the day. Here where the mountains almost touch the clouds, the sky is a liar because it's grey and for the entire afternoon there's been the promise of rain but not a drop has fallen. There is a chill seeping through the open door, stealing the warmth from our flesh. And I am content yet yearning for more. I am happy but I know that I could be much happier.
My 19th  birthday is tomorrow. When I was a little girl I used to think that on your birthday you'd suddenly be more grown up, that you'd be wiser and treated differently. I couldn't wait to grow up. Now that it's the eve of my 19th year. My final as a teenager. I find myself wanting to push pause on life. To savour this  year before I say my final good-bye to adolescence. 
I took these photos on the day after Christmas. At home the days seem to move so slow and melt into each other, creating an endless treasure trove of memories. 
That's what I want my entire life to be, an endless treasure trove of  memories, recorded with photographs :)

I wish you a wonderful life.
With joy and love and peace.