can you say yum : Trappa's Bar and Restaurant

I Love Food.
I mean I really, really...really.... love food. 
The one thing that I love more than food, is the experience of eating it. I love going to restaurants, bars, food stands, cafes.... 

On the night before I came back to Trinidad, we took our Dystinie out to dinner to celebrate her 9th birthday. We went to Trappa's, a little restaurant and bar built around this large tree trunk in English Harbour. Trappa's was really child friendly, they even had a high chair for little Hannah! 

The food was absolutely great! The kiddies had burgers and chicken with fries, And the other grown ups had chicken Alfredo pasta and  steak with onion rings and mashed potatoes. I had the steak with raw and cooked vegetables, just looking at it makes my mouth water! I had my steak done medium rare, it was delicious but by the time I'd finished a quarter of it  the raw meat taste was becoming a problem, so I did what any other normal person would do...I doggy bagged that sucka, then cooked it and made a steak sandwich in the morning. Lesson learnt,  I'm a well done girl from now on!  AND THE DRINKS! Smoothies with a healthy dose of rum, they tasted so good that I had two...the strawberry and the passion-fruit. 
Trappa's is definitely a good place for good food.

I hope you're having a great weekend,
How are you spending it?