Self-Acceptance and other serious suff.

I am so tired of people hating the way that they look.

 I despise the fact that so many people want to change what is unique and ridiculously amazing about themselves to become what they think society believes is nice, pleasant and acceptable. Honestly, I used to be one of those people.  I hated my ginormous forehead and my lips and the colour of my skin and the shape of my nose and my teeth and my hair and my height, I used to find something new to hate every time I looked into the mirror, it was almost a hobby...I was so damn good at it. Then one day I realised that if I erased everything that I hated about myself then there would be no me, I would become someone else. Everyday I pray for self-acceptance not only for my-self but for all those around me. It's one of my biggest wishes that people learn to accept themselves and others for the wonderful, beautiful miracles that they are. There are still some days when I am insecure about my appearance, at times I think that I'm too short, or thin, or my complexion is too dark the list goes on. I know that insecurity is a apart of being human but I absolutely refuse to hate my appearence or think of myself or anyone else as ugly..... I try to wipe it from my vocabulary when describing human beings. Ugly is such an ugly word. Seriously.... check it..... UGLY is so ugly.

I'm still working on self acceptance....are you?