After the Rain (Self portrait)

Assignments have got me under a lot of pressure but I thought this would be an interesting post to write. If you stop by often you'll know that I absolutely love photographs. I thought that I'd share with you some of the things that I do to achieve photos that I love. These are by no means professional or even amateur photography tips, just the opinions of someone who points the camera and presses the shutter release button.
  1. Have an idea, concept or story behind the image that you are about to take. I personally love when photos tell a story or look like stills from a movie.
  2. While taking the photos and editing them take time to experiment with lighting, exposure, contrast ect.
  3. Experiment with angles, positions and poses.
  4. Take ridiculous amounts of photos, you never know what shot might be THE shot!
  5. Throwing together random objects and props, clothing and make-up just may create a magical moment.
I hope that these suggestions help you create gorgeous shots :)

The photo above is a self portrait I took a few months ago, It's one of my favorites :)
Leave me a link to your favorite self portrait... I'd love to see it!

Have a great Saturday and a lovely weekend 

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