The Pixie Cut

Look at what I dug up!

After seeing these photos I want to chop my hair off again!
 One of my friends took these photos over a year ago, I'd just lopped off my shoulder length hair and I was feeling freeeeeeee :). I remember feeling absolutely beautiful and confident despite the negative comments that some people kept making.
 Is it weird that I loved being slightly androgynous?
Have you or would you ever cut most of your hair off???

I'm seriously considering getting a buzz cut this summer... but then I'd look like a 12 year old boy with boobs. Not cool, then again...who cares?

Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. I love the look! I did it once before too :)

  2. I think it looks nice, I have to cut my hair all the way off sometimes to get it to grow back. It breaks off and I cut it again. But I don't wear it out. Usually just throw on a wig or weave. If you're confident enough to do it, its commendable. I wish I could be that confident.

  3. You look incredibly beautiful! The hairstyle really suits you and the worked great with the shoot. Phuck what everyone else thinks. If it's a buzz cut you want then get it, I have no doubt that you'll rock it.

  4. This is absolutely beautifully suits you perfectly. My mom saw it and is thinking about doing it. lol

  5. Nice photos.wanna follow eachother?

  6. Aww I love the pixie! I wish I got to do one before growing my hair out. I did cut my hair to neck length last year.. the shortest it's ever been. You are inspiring me to do a hair post x

  7. I am OBSESSED with androgyny!!!!! Your hair looks fab at this length.

    P.S Check out the contest on my and my friend's new blog:

  8. Jeeze Louise girl you are such a cutie, long hair or short and the camera loves you:-)