Purple Madness

It feels so strange being back after such a long absence...
I've just been through a rough few weeks, I've had so many assignments and exams that I've hardly had any time for eating or sleeping or booting up my laptop for anything other than course work or the occasional venture into that highly addictive world of facebook.
 I'm very excited and pleased with myself, I only have one exam left to write, then I'll be headed home next Sunday! Whoop whoop :)

On Friday I did something that I've been tempted and threating to do for a year. My boyfriend and roommate followed me to the hair salon where I had the back and sides of my head shaved...
And it felt good! I'm very tempted to shave it all and rock a buzz cut!! I've wanted to try it since I was eight, but my mommy wouldn't let me!
Maybe next time ;) What do you think?

Have a happy Sunday!
Ps. The name of the post is also the name of the lipstick that I was wearing


  1. You look great and love the color combo. You are definitely rocking the new hair do.

  2. That buzz is FAB! Also love the mix of blue and yellow. You're just fabulous. Happy trip home =)

  3. wow! your hair looks great! shows off your pretty face :)

  4. I see alot of ppl rocking that hairdo. lookin good Chari

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  6. Absolutely great. That cut really suits you. I missed you!!!! Also check out my 268 vid I think you will like it.


    Just to remind you of home I guess. LOL

  7. Hey Chari! I saw you last week Friday. When I was driving past divas going down you were walking up wearing colored fitted skirt a black top. I didn't know what to say of to say Chari or deep fried stilettos soooo I just let you pass. lol

  8. Chari, how bold of you to shave off part of your hair. Love it.
    Purple looks good on you. It pops yet it's subtle, I like, I am copying that look for sure :)

  9. love that color! sooo fabulous!!

    I've got a giveaway that I think you'd LOVE!

  10. hello Charity.
    i found your blog at the directory blog and you live at such a beautiful and tropical Island.
    it is to me like Paradise.
    your clothes and shoes are beautiful.
    have a wonderful week and greetings from the Netherlands.
    regards from Ann

  11. Just found your blog and like it so much that I have done a link up. If you want to be listed, become a Friend and leave a comment on Karibian people page.


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  13. My mind just ran on you! Realized I havent gotten one of your blog post in my Inbox in a while. Hope your doing good x

  14. whuu damn girl i love ur style! and those shoes are gorg!

    lots of luv from Sam,

  15. http://theringletramble.blogspot.com/?m=1

    I'm just entering the world of blogging! Blessings.