"truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.” 
-Leo Tolsoy 

I haven't done a proper self portrait session in a really long time. This was the last time, see, long time!  I had a lot of fun shooting these, it took awhile and lots of creativity, because I have no tripod or remote, and it was a big struggle just trying to keep the camera dry! Thankfully I had the house to myself, although a few times I had to jump out of the shower and run, bathing suit dripping, to answer the phone, that was not fun! These three shots are my favourite, the first I really love.

I was going for something raw but simple. Very clean with no makeup except for a swipe of lip colour, I think I got what I was looking for!

I'm packing up my life into two black bags again, it sucks having to leave, didn't summer just start? On the other hand I can't wait to play catch up with my Uni buddies!

Happy Thursday


“People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.”
 Iris Murdoch

I have a big thing for flowers, ok, a HUGE thing for flowers. I blame my mother. Her yard is just full of plants and when they begin to bloom. Oh. My. Word. It's a bumble bee's dream! Don't be surprised to find us in possession of wilted and dying flowers, we cant resist picking them! This lovely patch of  wild flowers was deserving of being made into a floral crown, but I made due with just sticking them into my twists! 

What are your weekend plans?
I'll stay in tonight and watch a movie, maybe Oblivion , is that any good?

 I went natural, by accident. 

I like to think of myself as a free spirit,  especially when it comes to my hair. I dont think there is anything I wouldn't try and they're probably very few things that I haven't tried already. I've cut it in a bob, had bangs, had a super short pixie, a medium length pixie, all manner of braids, I've shaved the back, had designs shaved into it, shaved the sides and back, coloured it black, blue, purple and red!

 It was the red that got me! Being a huge doitmyselfer, I decided to dye my hair a flaming red colour. I'd never used permanent colour before, always temporary rinses, but this time I decided put on my big girl panties and go for it. And boy did it go! My hair I mean. The directions on the box said to leave it in for 20 minutes, since I had jet black hair at the time, I ignored the warnings of my roommates and the manufacturers and left it for an hour...and a half. STUPID, I know that now!  When I rinsed it out only the roots were a red/brown colour, everywhere else was still black. But you know I was ok with that...but my hair wasn't! In a few days it began to fall out in huge quantities from the roots. I had rusty looking hair that was growing thinner by the day! So being a doitmyselfer, I rinsed my hair black, again, then went into the hair salon where I got the sides (which were breaking the worst) and the back shaved off, then I had a friend do kinky braids in the remaining hair.  Have a peek here . PROBLEM SOLVED!

Fast forward a few months and as I'm removing my kinky braids, I grabbed a pair of (very dull) scissors and began  chopping off the relaxed ends. As I said before, I'm a big doitmyselfer, only when I was done did I realize that by chopping off the relaxed hair, I'd initiated my self into The Order of the Natural Sista's.
 I almost had panic attack, I had the type of natural hair that broke combs! I quickly put the drama queen back into the bag, pulled out a clean pair of very awesome big girl panties and decided to go for it. And  I am loving it! Being natural ROCKS! I think I'm keeping this one!

 Next post I'll do a few close ups and talk about my current hair regimen. If you've got any tips, questions, comment or suggestions feel free to ask or give them.Natural hair stories? I'd love to hair them!

These photos where taken at Dow's Hill, Antigua. The dress I got in Jamaica, the belt is vintage and the shoes...well I'm not wearing any shoes!