Solar Powered

Every thing's all mad and hectic with me right now, It's hard to believe that I'm in my 3rd year of University already! I've been back in Trinidad for about a week now and classes are beginning properly today. I'm so excited but still a little worried about the courses that I've chosen for this semester, I'm doing the class Meal Management and Catering so expect a good amount of recipes! Last week was a bit stressful, with registration and all, hopefully I'll complete it today. Since my week was so crazy I took some time on Sabbath afternoon to just be, kick off my shoes, run around, pick flowers and lounge in the sunshine. Sometimes I swear I'm solar powered! It was really nice de-stressing time!

 I promised to do a post on how I handle my newly natural hair and I'll deliver, I promise, I just want to make sure that my regimen  really works for me before I let you in on it! I'm off to finish registration and some assignments that I fell asleep on last night. What can I say? One minute I was staring at the laptop screen then in the next a beam of sunlight was hitting me in the face!