While talking with a friend as we headed to lunch today, the topic of  photos came up, specifically underwater photographs. You see, the said friend is a photographer, so once in a while that topic comes up! That conversation got me thinking about these pictures, they were taken a few months ago during my trip to Jamaica. I have so many amazing memories and photos from that trip that I haven't been able to decide which ones to post!

It was the morning of our flight back to Antigua when we realized that in our frenzy to stuff every single moment with life long memories, we'd forgotten to enjoy a simple thing which we took for granted each day as we rushed into amazing experiences. We'd  forgotten to take a dip in the pool! We yanked swimsuits out of packed luggage, wiggled into them, then dived head first into the coldest, most heavily chlorinated water that I have ever come across! It was one great moment in a fantastic trip! Apparently I have the funniest underwater face, ever.

On another note, only a few more weeks until I go home! Between now and then? Six exams. Oh the joy!

Happy Thursday.

I think everyone has them. Each month there's that list of rotating songs flowing up the wires of  headphones or blasting through the speakers! You know what I'm talking about, don't you? The songs that are stuck in your head  as you go around bopping to the beat and singing along with your favorite artist. These are the top ten songs spewing from my speakers this month. Stick a few of your new and old  favorites in, season to taste and if you're like me, in no time you'll be singing, oh so off key while Lorde, Lanna and the rest croon sweet nothings umm sweet everythings into your ears.

  1. Lorde - Tennis Court
  2. Ellie Goulding - Burn 
  3. Lorde - Royals 
  4. Avicii - Wake Me Up
  5. Zedd - Lost at Sea
  6. Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful
  7. Passenger - Let Her Go
  8. Ed Sheeran - I See Fire 
  9. Lana Del Rey - Summer Time Sadness
  10. Asaf Avidan & The Mojos - One Day/The Recckoning Song

 What are your favorite songs this month? Any artist that I absolutely should check out? Let me know!

See that lovely lady in the photo up there? With the deer in the headlights look plastered on her pretty face, it's her birthday!! Sylene's 20 today! This morning she got smothered with dozens of loud kisses, of-course she pretended to hate every single one, but I know the truth, SHE LOVES 'EM! Last night a group of us headed out to dinner for a pre-birthday celebration. It was so much fun. The multiple wrong turns, the laughter, the food, the friends! I loved every minute of it! Well I didn't like going to bed with a tummy so stuffed that it ached, but if that's the price to pay for such a good night I guess I'll be begging Clauds to make me chamomile tea more often!

HAPPY 20th Sylene 
On another note, Today's Poppy Day or Day of Remembrance. After four bloody years the First World War ended on November 11th 1918. Today many wear poppies in remembrance of those who gave their lives to preserve our freedom! Oh how I wish I had a poppy!

Shubh Divali! Despite the fact that the Holiday has passed I just had to say Happy Divali. I've been in Trinidad for 3 years but Saturday was the first time that I was able to see the lights. I loved having the chance to experience that aspect of the Hindu culture. Divali or Festival of Lights is the brightest of Hindu festivals, the word Divali means row of lights. On porches, stair cases, walls, on practically any horizontal surface diyas are lit, by the thousands.

 On Saturday night we went to see the lights, so did alot of others. The traffic getting to that brightly lit stretch of road was horrendous but it was definitely worth it!  We hopped out of the vehicle at the top and had a nice time walking along the road. Fairy lights were wound around poles, lots of people were out in traditional East Indian outfits, music danced though the air, fireworks shot up into the air, sparklers erupted like shooting stars, loud bombs went off all around, bags of homemade sweets were handed out and best of all the diyas with their white cotton wicks were lit and re-lit by the thousands.

My favorite legend behind the Diwali celebrations is about the prince of Ayodhya Nagri - Lord Shri Ram. Here's a condensed version from my understanding of the story. Ravan, the king of Lanka, kidnaps Lord Ram's wife, Sita. Lord Ram attacks Lanka, kills Ravan and rescues Sita. He then returns to Ayodhya with his wife Sita and younger brother Lakshamana after being in self imposed exile for fourteen years. The people of Ayodhya welcomed Ram by illuminating the capital with tiny diyas. Ram is considered the symbol of good and Ravan represents evil. Diwali is considered the festival, which establishes the victory of good over the evil.

Because of the heavy traffic the drive took us around 2 hours, so I had a little nap and woke up to a seemingly endless passage of fairy lights, I snaped the last photo then promptly went back to sleep! I had a blast!

If you have the chance to see the lights next Divali, go for it!