Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Sunset on the Beach

Lately, my evenings have  been spent inside, tangled up in a good book, watching real crime dramas on T.V or glued to my laptop. I've been ignoring natures pleas to come out and play, until today. Today was absolutely gorgeous. It was ridiculously good weather. So I took a break from reading and watching other peoples adventures and went out to have one of my own.

We pulled up some shorts, grabbed a cup of ice, dashed through the door and strolled to a tiny beach, splashed around a bit, then watched the sunset. Am I the only one who thinks that the seaside is really magical at twilight? Whenever the water reflects the glow of the dying sun I'm almost breathless.


 Do you like my braids? I love them. They're tight aren't they? No I mean it, they.are.tight. I forgot how unbelievably tight and painfully they can be. Sleeping with them is just the worst. The worst! I'm busting my brains trying to remember how to deal with this, I really can't sleep on my face another night! Help me. Please. Do you have any tips, tricks, hints, suggestions? I'd be eternally grateful if you shared a few.


  1. I was gonna comment that I love your braids! hahaha hopefully they'll feel better soon :)

  2. Braids are GORG! I'm trying to pin point your "little beach" and wondered if its just there in Hodges Bay area by the roadside? Either way, lovely pics and that last pic....#sweeeeeet!

  3. looovve the photos of the beach, its so relaxing and makes me wanna go on holiday haha! you're soo pretty too, love the braids! x


  4. I love the 5th picture!! Reminds me of me. Lol. Glasses and one sided dimple. Pretty


  5. I'm not convinced that you're living where I ought to be. Just beautiful.