I cheated my way to big hair. It's the wildness of a huge head of natural hair without the hassle of getting there. It's officially written down in my little black book. Pros? Easy to install, easy to maintain and humidity resistant. Cons? They've got to come out sometime! Sorry.

How cool is this dress? I have no idea why I've never worn it, it's been hanging out at the back of my closet for almost a year now. The faux leather top makes me ridiculously happy inside. Hmmm faux leather, faux leather, why is fake leather called pleather? ha ha ha 'cause feather was already taken! Get it? No?  I'll leave you alone to look at these photos now.


One more week until exams. Ugh, if I sleep on my notes will the ink seep into my brain and cause chemical changes that will make me super smart?  No? Didn't think so. 


I like the idea of staying fit. One of my biggest challenge is finding a way to do that. My hand eye co-ordination sucks, so I stay far away from sports especially team ones. Tennis could have been a possibility if it didn't require a ball and rapid movement. I don't think I'll ever be able to do the gym thing, being in a room filled with sweating people reflected in multiple mirrors as they twist and turn, push and pull and ride and run on metal contraptions is definitely not my cup of tea. Swimming is an option but there's the small problem of no water. 

For now I jog. It's going much better than imagined. Four days each week I slip out of bed an hour earlier than usual, do a few stretches and jog for about 45 minutes then do a few more stretches before beginning my day. It beats being stuck in the gym. 

Get out there and do something. Anything!! Get moving!  Discover what suits you and your lifestyle. My cholesterol is slightly elevated, curse you fast food cravings, so these early morning jogs should wrestle it back under control. Regular exercise helps lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of type II Diabetes, tones muscle and improves appearance,improves immune function, boosts energy, improves sleep, keeps bones strong, I could go on and on and on, but my fingers are cramping.


How do you stay active?