A Henna Story

My white pillow case looks like an oompa loompa used it as a face towel. Henna gloss looks like mud, smells like mud and is the consistency of good mud pie batter. Here's my baby story...uhh henna story.

 Besides that nasty orange stain gracing my pillow (serves me right for falling asleep), I loved using henna. My hair felt so much stronger, smoother and very, very dry.  After doing a ton of research I did a henna gloss rather than a straight henna paste, apparently the gloss is less drying than applying straight henna. Oh really now? Did ya hear that hair?

Sylene did a similar henna gloss a few months ago (eight hours long) and while it did strengthen her hair, the curl pattern was loosened a lot. So a strand test would be great for deciding how many hours to leave the treatment in.

This recipe worked for my hair. I eyeballed everything but basically it was:

100 grams of Henna Powder
1 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 cup green tea and chamomile tea mix (two tea bags each)
1/4 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup conditioner

Add the Liquids to the Powder a wee bit at a time and mix to the consistency of a heavy cake batter. A thick batter is very easy to apply and not messy at all. Pull on a shower cap and then rinse after the desired time. 
The recommended time is four to twelve hours but three was good for me, my hair felt lovely (but dry) and my curls were still intact and popin'. Woo Woo! A good deep conditioning treatment, some leave-in and a bit of Shea butter helped beat the dryness and my hair is now in the wackiest looking baby twists ever.
 Has anyone seen my hat?

I could feel the difference in my hair right away. The only bits that got colored a coppery tone are the few strands that were bleached last year. If you're thinking of trying henna as a hair treatment do a bit of research and do some more research, then go for it!