Jabberwock Beach

I've been a little busy with my dietetics internship and other not so interesting things, so I haven't been able to post a lot this past month. I've had to force myself to research Total Parenteral Nutrition, Vitamin K dietary restrictions and the like, when all I really want to do is think about swimming in seawater.

I have been pretty active on Instagram, so you've probably seen a few of these photos from a fun afternoon that we spent at Jabberwock beach. The seaside is the best in the evenings, when the tide is high and the sun bathes everything in a warm golden light. I fall in love with the sea all over again at dawn and dust. It's at those times that I know how truly blessed I am to be an island girl.

This upcoming week is my last as an intern at the Mount St Johns Medical Center. The last four weeks have been a great experience!  I've learned so much and have seen even more. I'm super excited to finish my degree and begin working.

Hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend!