The count down begins. I'm heading back to Trinidad in a few days but it seems like hardly anytime has passed since I came home! As usual these last days of summer are super busy; running errands and getting everything in order.  Aren't you  absolutely in love with  loose play-suits that are nipped at the waist? I'd live in them if it weren't for the fact that you've got to strip every time you need to pee! They need to start putting strategically placed slits in these things.

I should probably buy some more shoes, these poor leather sandals have been on my feet all summer. A converse and black ballerina slippers are the only other pairs of flats that I own. Every time I wear these sandals I pray that they don't die in the middle of St Johns City. Its happened before. I had to walk barefoot to a store then waddle around town in some squeaky children flip flops  that  I bought for ten bucks. Not a fond memory.

Oh! I almost forgot, I did "something" with my hair. Absolutely loved this failed fro hawk looking thing, got tons of compliments and questions, which I found just a little strange because all I did was take a minute to stick a few bobby pins in!

Happy Monday Xx

Paradise isn't all sunshine! We've been having heavy showers for the past week, even now rain is beating down, the house is all dark and the air chilled. Perfect weather for staying in bed and reading all day. Last week was Carnival in Antigua and Barbuda so this Monday and Tuesday were public holidays, while most people headed into town for Jouvert, we packed up the cars and made a mad dash for the sea. Luckily the sun came out for a few hours on Monday so that we could enjoy Darkwood Beach.

We lazied about, stuffed our bellies then strolled along the shore before soaking up as much salt water and sand humanly possible. I spent an abnormal amount of time admiring these beach houses, Guys can you imagine watching the sunset from one of those decks? Heaven.

This post has got me daydreaming of scorching sunshine and salty air.  Take a peak at the last few pictures, I've already gone on about them on Instagram but aren't Jody's blue twists gorgeous? As usual a ridiculous amount of photos were snapped, these are a few favorites! 

Have a safe weekend. Whatever your plans, enjoy yourselves! x