Life Listed

Wow. It's been a minute. Many apologies! Since I last popped by so many wonderful and not so wonderful things have happened. I've been meaning to post but get distracted so easily, these photos  have been sitting in my drafts for almost a month! 

Mastering: The art of detangling my 4c hair. Ok, not really. Someone. Anyone. HELP. Detangling sessions end with me absolutely frustrated and bits of hair everywhere.

Eating: My weekly serving of M&M's. H.e.a.v.e.n
Drinking: Water. Lots and lots of the stuff!
Listening: to Catch the Throne: The Mixtape. If you enjoy Game of Thrones and simply can not wait until the season 4 premiere to get your GoT fix get your hands on this, it will help you along.

Needing: to get some laundry done. *sigh*

Traveling: to the hospital every Wednesday to continue the dietetics 
Enjoying: The rainy weather. Yes to Sundays spent curls up in bed with the company of a mediocre book.  Let's forget that growing pile of assignments and research papers for the moment. 

Loving: My new pair of leather Converses. ;) 

Accepting:That Backne and the scars it leaves will always be an issue.

Watching: Cowboy Bebop. -.- It's a cult classic, you'll never convince me other wise! 

Reading: Tom Cain's Samuel Carver series. The Accident Man was freaking genius but five books later Revenger is a huge disappointment.

Craving: Crackers and Jam for Supper.

Cooking: Eh Em. ^ please refer to above point!:P

Hoping: I'll be able to travel home for my cousin's wedding next month! Fingers crossed guys! x

Knowing: That the cricket outside my window isnt trying to drive me crazy on purpose. ARGH! 

So come on! Spill it! How's your life been lately? 


  1. These photos are lovely. I hate rainy weather, but I love that inclination I get to be all snuggled up, I trade the mediocre book for a mediocre movie though lol. It's awesome that you embrace your flaws and yaay to travels back home! Life lately, has been...magical for me. Really magical.

  2. PS - lol @ "backne" That had me going this morning when I read it on my phone :D

  3. Oh man it's been something. I'm undergoing a lot of changes right now let's see how it comes together.

  4. Hey love!
    Just wanted to say that I nominated you for the " Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award". Please read details here:

  5. Your still out? I thought you were back! Sheez I am loving the braids burned ends takes me back gives a kind of retro feel. They are super cute and If I was not super afraid of loosing my hairline I would try them lol. (braids are not my friends)

  6. life's been CRAZY! crazy crazy crazy. and now I'm waiting for some serene and easy days :P by the way, I love your hair and those photos are gorgeous. oh and that skirt too!

    Part of me

  7. There's always some laundry that needs to be done. Ugh. lol. Gorgeous shots. (:

    ♥ | | xoxo