A dustland fairytale

I've been listening to A Dustland Fairytale for the entire day. It's fast becoming one of my favourite songs by The Killers....... 

The final verse gets me every-time, I want to shout it out....but I don't, because that would be embarrassing......

"Now Cinderella don't you go to sleep
Its such a bitter form of refuge
Ah don't you know the kingdoms under siege
And everybody needs you
Is there still magic in the midnight sun
Or did you leave it back in sixty-one
In the of the cadence in the young mans eyes
And where the dreams roll high"

These photographs were taken in a grove of trees behind my dormitory, The bright sunlight and the dark shadows were so ridiculously whimsical, I didn't know whether to leave the photos in colour or put them in black and white........

Do you like A Dustland Fairytale? Have you ever seen the music video??

Much Love