I could sit for hours finding new ways,To be awed each minute

I'm creating my very own bucket list...yes I am.......I've been at it since summer and it's almost ready to be shared....I cant wait for you to see it....unlike most bucket lists which consists of the things you want to do before you die, this is a compilation of all the things that I want to do before I turn 25. I've already checked some of them off....Do you have a bucket list?? Have you ever thought about making one??

For some reason while I was off in daydream land earlier today, I remembered these photo's from a trip to Port of Spain, Trinidad a few weeks ago. I only take trips there a few times per semester because it's a bit far from campus. I take random photos almost daily but I never post the majority of them. It was a really rainy day and my cousin Sylene and I spent a few hours browsing the streets and shops. It rained, we got wet. The sun came out and dried us. It was a good day.
This was back when we both had in those lovely thick long braids. Sylene misses them she says they kept her warm at night.....


Would you mind sharing your bucket list if you have one?
If you don't, would you mind sharing something you'd like to do or accomplish???

PS. Just in-case anyone was wandering the post title was taken from Crack the Shutters Open by Snow Patrol. Love that song!