I could sit for hours finding new ways,To be awed each minute

I'm creating my very own bucket list...yes I am.......I've been at it since summer and it's almost ready to be shared....I cant wait for you to see it....unlike most bucket lists which consists of the things you want to do before you die, this is a compilation of all the things that I want to do before I turn 25. I've already checked some of them off....Do you have a bucket list?? Have you ever thought about making one??

For some reason while I was off in daydream land earlier today, I remembered these photo's from a trip to Port of Spain, Trinidad a few weeks ago. I only take trips there a few times per semester because it's a bit far from campus. I take random photos almost daily but I never post the majority of them. It was a really rainy day and my cousin Sylene and I spent a few hours browsing the streets and shops. It rained, we got wet. The sun came out and dried us. It was a good day.
This was back when we both had in those lovely thick long braids. Sylene misses them she says they kept her warm at night.....


Would you mind sharing your bucket list if you have one?
If you don't, would you mind sharing something you'd like to do or accomplish???

PS. Just in-case anyone was wandering the post title was taken from Crack the Shutters Open by Snow Patrol. Love that song!



  1. oooh, I can't wait to hear about your bucket-list. I've thought about making one when I see others, but have never really gotten around to it.

    I guess at the moment, my main thing would be to run a marathon one day. It's almost unthinkable at the moment, but hopefully, it happens!

    Beautiful pictures, how I'd love to visit places like that one day!

  2. Hello there sweetie! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog, it means a lot to me!
    Great pics, I love most the black&white ones <3

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  3. thank you so much for the follow sweet girl! really made my day :)
    hope to hear from you again soon!! <3


  4. Great pictures and so cool you've decided to create a bucket list!
    Visit me and let me know if you want to follow one another?

  5. i like your shoes :)
    Im a new follower, because I love your blog =)

  6. Wow this place look so different from where I live but of course this was spain and Trinidad. It looks gorgeous there. Love the peace and love sign too; cute.

    I love your flats! I must look for something like that. And theyre like oxfords which I love to pair with a basic outfit.


  7. Hi Chari, loving the braids and the black and white pictures are gorgeous. Looking forward to reading more about you on your blog.

  8. The shoes and watch = dope! Gonna go try and figure out how to get ur blog posts to my email so I can keep up with ya x