International Students Week


So ummmm..... You can skip the embarrassing first bit about my day....I'm serious go look at the pictures of really yummy food..... Okay fine GO ON. READ IT...then look at the picture of really yummy

On days like today I want to build a wall around my bed and never come out! But I've got the worst best friends ever and they refuse to let me..... -.- They keep breaking down my stinking walls.... International students week was going really well until this silly body of mine decided to go all haywire, I was in the middle of a lab session when the heat in the kitchen began making me dizzy, the trooper that I am I decided to tough it out....BIG MISTAKE!!!!.......
Lets just skip the embarrassing bits about me being too weak and light headed to walk back to my dormitory alone, you know... the bits about me calling Sylene multiple times and sobbing my heart out, the bits about me being forced to get a shot (I HATE SHOTS) at Health Services and LETS DEFINITELY SKIP THE BITS ABOUT ME BEING CARRIED ACROSS CAMPUS LIKE A BABY...literally. I'm feeling much better now! Thanks guys, Moral of the story? When your body talks...LISTEN!!! don't be me.

Here are some random photos from international students week, I don't remember the names of all the different foods or what's in them but I'll try really hard to give you the right information. Remember ask any questions that you may have!

Part of  Anguilla's Flag

Part of the British Virgin Island's Flag

Mauby Drink a slightly bitter first sip then a very sweet after taste

Fried Bake usually eaten with fillings like chesse, eggs or meat. I had it without anything.

Sweet Potato Pudding

Suck-A-Bubbie very delicious frozen juice packed with lots of flavour and spices. You basically suck the juice out of the bag.
Buss-up-Shut or Paratha (A type of roti) made with ghee(clarified butter)and flour very yummy
Stewed green mangoes, beans, mashed pumpkin and curried potatoes and garbanzo beans eaten with Buss-up-Shut., Gross looking but yummy tasting

Egg ball from Guyana, mashed seasoned cassava placed around an egg then fried...SUPER GOOD, my favorite, I think.

Sugar Cane.....Not as sweet as those back home

Pumpkin Fritters....Similar to pancakes

Love's really really good fruit punch

Grenadian Chocolate 

Trinidadian Dancer

Tobagonian Dancer

Lime Pie

I have gentlemanly hands...and I cant play a thing..but I was trying!

 I have so many photo's, sharing them would make this post even longer!!!!

I'm off to go finish a 10 page research paper.....Oh the joys of being a student!

What foods to you enjoy in your country???