that kind of day

Today was that kind of day...

You know...the kind of day when you wake up  mentally shouting "MORNING ALREADY?". The kind of day everything is hidden by a blanket of mist, when the chill from the valley starts seeping into the bones long before your first conscious thought . The kind of day when you have to force yourself to leave the comfort of your tiny bed, old tattered robe and thin blanket. When you shrug on the brightest, warmest sweater that you own and put your favorite songs by The Killers on replay. When you gather your kindle (collection of e-books), a bag of all natural veggie crisps, a big pair of sunglasses (to hide your tired eyes of-course) and set off to experience what the day has in store.

Today was that kind of day... Today was my kind of day


What kind of day did you have? Did you enjoy it?
Much Love