YUP I'm over here > ..... where all the boring lazy people hang out....

I havent been doing much these days, when I'm not eating, I'm sleeping, when I'm not sleeping, I'm doing equally uninteresting things. I have been doing some interesting things....I'll get around to posting about  them soon! 

I spent all day Christmas cooking...seriously I cooked from 10am-7pm!! The food was AMAZING!!! Then on the day after I spent a really nice evening on the beach, I'll post pictures soon.

A few days before Christmas I attended a funeral, unfortunately I have another to attend in a few days...... I hope you and your loved ones stay safe!
 I really love seeing funeral wreaths I think they're very beautiful...is that strange????

How was your Holiday????
Very quick post because I'm super tired. 
(Why do I keep posting at night, when I know I'm too sleepy  to think straight?) 
I've got quite a bit of material piling up so, the upcoming posts should be pretty interesting, I hope! 

This morning I went to the beach, with my sister and nephews, there was hardly anyone around...just the way I like it. I got this crochet cardigan thingy from Sylene awhile ago ... I love it! 
I'm also loving these box braids that my roommate and I did.
 If you've got any questions about anything feel free to ask because I will try to answer them in a future post!



The title for this post was taken from a Snow Patrol song with  the same name.
So yup... that's about it...I may or may not edit this in the morning when I'm thinking straight...er. 
On second thought I don't think I will edit it.... 

Much Love

Bringing you the warmth of the islands.

 That's the slogan for the airline that I travelled on today.......Yea right......warmth ha! ..... more like bringing you the unrelenting heat of the islands....I forgot how hot it is here, when did Antigua become a convection oven?.... I started stripping off unnecessary items of clothing as soon a we landed! 
I've had a rough week, I completed my finals, packed up my belongings, and got my butt on an air plane. I've had an accumulative total of.....just about 1 hour's sleep since I woke up on Thursday morning........when my head hits that pillow I don't know when I'll regain consciousnesses!
It's good to be home!

My older sister and I were driving about when we spotted this abandoned building near our home, I just love the graffiti, the light and the shadows were amazing!! I love they way these photos came out! Not necessarily the way I look in these photos (super tired) but the idea....was a good one, I think.
 That cow kept watching us....it was very weird.

My head is about to hit the pillow, OH BOY!

Much Love xoxo
 I have an unhealthy obsession with boardwalks.

We had no classes yesterday so one of my friends took me to the boardwalk that I spoke about here. It was awesome! We spent hours walking, talking and eating, we even watched some of The Lorax, unfortunately there was no ice- cream, how sad! Later in the day we took a water taxi to San Fernando where we browsed for a bit and picked up a few things. If it were possible I think I'd travel on it every day, it was a really smooth 45 minute ride, my friend slept while I watched the salt water, oil mining rigs (correct term?), and sunken ships,  it was a very eerie yet beautiful trip because every thing was covered in mist or fog or what every that cloud like thing was! 

 I love days where you can spend time simply enjoying the fact that you're alive and healthy and free.

 Big thanks to those who suggested artists and songs awhile ago, I've been listing to your suggestions...currently I've got Growing Old is Getting Old by  Silversun Pickups blasting from my headphones <3 My favorite line is the title of this post! Feel free to suggest again!

What do you enjoy doing on your free days????
Do you love boardwalks as much as I do???
Any more song/artist suggestions??

Have an awesome weekend!
 Be safe.

I was 14 and had never travelled outside the tiny twin island nation in which I was born. I was restless. I begged and pleaded with my parents, I saved up every penny I had. At 15 they allowed me to travel, 8 and a half hours across the ocean, to England, where I lived with my cousin for a month. I was excited yet terrified because I travelled alone. I had so many wonderful experiences and met such terrific people....I cant wait until I have the chance to go back again. I've treasured these photo's for years. Today I'll share them with you.

I'm currently watching Grease, how great is that movie?? The title of today's post is taken from the opening song.
Do you live in England, if not have you been???

Much Love xoxo