So we all, Are growing old

 I have an unhealthy obsession with boardwalks.

We had no classes yesterday so one of my friends took me to the boardwalk that I spoke about here. It was awesome! We spent hours walking, talking and eating, we even watched some of The Lorax, unfortunately there was no ice- cream, how sad! Later in the day we took a water taxi to San Fernando where we browsed for a bit and picked up a few things. If it were possible I think I'd travel on it every day, it was a really smooth 45 minute ride, my friend slept while I watched the salt water, oil mining rigs (correct term?), and sunken ships,  it was a very eerie yet beautiful trip because every thing was covered in mist or fog or what every that cloud like thing was! 

 I love days where you can spend time simply enjoying the fact that you're alive and healthy and free.

 Big thanks to those who suggested artists and songs awhile ago, I've been listing to your suggestions...currently I've got Growing Old is Getting Old by  Silversun Pickups blasting from my headphones <3 My favorite line is the title of this post! Feel free to suggest again!

What do you enjoy doing on your free days????
Do you love boardwalks as much as I do???
Any more song/artist suggestions??

Have an awesome weekend!
 Be safe.