The Warmth of the Islands

Bringing you the warmth of the islands.

 That's the slogan for the airline that I travelled on today.......Yea right......warmth ha! ..... more like bringing you the unrelenting heat of the islands....I forgot how hot it is here, when did Antigua become a convection oven?.... I started stripping off unnecessary items of clothing as soon a we landed! 
I've had a rough week, I completed my finals, packed up my belongings, and got my butt on an air plane. I've had an accumulative total of.....just about 1 hour's sleep since I woke up on Thursday morning........when my head hits that pillow I don't know when I'll regain consciousnesses!
It's good to be home!

My older sister and I were driving about when we spotted this abandoned building near our home, I just love the graffiti, the light and the shadows were amazing!! I love they way these photos came out! Not necessarily the way I look in these photos (super tired) but the idea....was a good one, I think.
 That cow kept watching was very weird.

My head is about to hit the pillow, OH BOY!

Much Love xoxo