I have a love of  strange, eerie places that many people don't take the time to notice. I find them so very beautiful and it's hard to resist spending a little time lost there. Vernique discovered this place behind one of the libraries on a rainy day, she thought that I would love it and I did. It's normally covered with lush grass and vines but the maintenance department had them chopped down a few days ago...I can't wait until they grow back. I could stay there and daydream for hours.
I love the song Poison and Wine by the Civil Wars, sometimes I find myself gently swaying while humming it. I think it suits these photos.


I've got a massive amount of assignments and an even bigger pile of dirty laundry to tackle uck! ......so I'm glad for those stolen moments

I hope you had a wonderful weekend


I think that best thing about university is the people that you meet and the friends that you make, well besides furthering your education and all that other good stuff! So this post is for all friends, because without them the world wouldn't be the same.

So give your friends a huge hug, and tell them how much they mean to you!
These photos were taken by my amateur photographer friend Laurence Gudge who was also responsible for these photos  and this one too and he made a cameo appearance here! I love his photographs, they're so vibrant and full of life. They capture those little moments so beautifully. You can check his Facebook fan page and like it if you love it! He's also musician, and plays a ridiculous amount of instruments, so you'll have access to videos of his performances there!


My plans include staying in bed, catching up on some blogs and watching a few old anime movies.


Wow I haven't visited the blog world in two weeks ages!!!
I've done loads and loads and taken lots and lots of photos, I'll start posting them soon. I'm really enjoying my time at home but unfortunately  I'll be going back to university on Sunday! Four weeks have gone by sooooo quickly! 
Yesterday I had lunch in one of my favorite spots, an old church graveyard in the center of the capitol. I haven't done that in over a year....it was really nice. Is that creepy?? I had a burger while reading and people watching, then my cousin took these photos. That day was the second time I'd worn this dress, I had forgotten about it! I hate the rip like hole in the middle of my chest, I think I'll sew it closed!
I'm sorry this post is so photo heavy, I could'nt decide which ones I liked the very best!
Do you like my hair? My sister did it for me the day before....I LOVE IT!!!! It's red and fluffy, ha ha like a little red poodle got stuck to my head :)

Oh before I forget! I want to say THANK YOU to all who read my blog! I really love and appreciate your words and comments and the fact that you even took time out of your lives to read about mine. I wish you the very best this year.


How has your new year been so far?? Just a peek into mine which has been absolutely fantastic, at five o'clock in the afternoon my family and I went to church, for the old years thanksgiving service, which was really lovely.  We came home right after and cooked up a fantastic meal! Then drove to a beach where we had our new year's dinner under the shower of fireworks.

PS. This is how I look a lot of the time when I'm at home......like a beach bum...I guess tonight I was being really literal! ha ha

It was really really, really nice, I think that it should become a tradition to have dinner, we usually just find a really nice place to watch the fireworks, the relax and watch the night sky light up!

Anywho it's after 3o'clock in the morning here, so I am going to wash off all the sand that I've accumulated by running around tonight, then I'll be hoping into bed!

How was your night? What plans have you got for the new year?