Fuchsia Fish Tails


I'm back at University, I really can't believe it but I am. I'm serious,  I found myself sitting in class, doing my best impression of a dazed deer stuck in the head lights of a mack truck, wondering when on earth I set foot on that plane! Well I know that I got unto the air plane on Sunday night......but you get what I mean....don't you?
I'm in the middle of getting acquainted with  my class schedule and living arrangements, I've got a new roommate from Peru, pure awesomeness, I'm also living out of my suitcase and eating fast food and take-away for every meal, not so awesome. I haven't had much time to create posts or reply to comment or emails so please forgive me for that, the last few weeks have been hectic. 

I only remembered about these today, they were taken a few days into my Christmas holiday. It was just about dusk, when I slipped on my mum's  vintage, fuchsia, fish tailed dress, grabbed a jar sorrel juice and had my nephew take these photo's. I love wearing vintage clothes especially those that belonged to my mother, I cant help but think about all the experiences, events and conversations that those pieces of fabric bore witness to! If clothes could talk! Is it the same with you?



  1. ooo new roomie sounds good! Your diet sounds 100% like my university diet - it's what should happen. :D haha!
    Gorgeous outfit, as alwaaaaaaays!

  2. you are really good with these editorial kinda shoots and i think you should continue doing them.. it brings such a fresh take to blogging because most bloggers do the same old pose!

    i like this whole shoot.


  3. Love this color on you! I need more vintage in my life! As for the food...that is exactly what dinner has been around these parts!

  4. Gotta love it:) red really is your colour :D

  5. Ohhh, girl, you some some totally awesome shots! Hope you thanked your nephew handsomely :) The first shot is amazing and so is the very last one! Vintage at dusk suits you.

  6. Hi hun!
    Your pics are so cute and pretty!
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  7. You shoots are fast becoming the most surreal I've seen. They always have a tinge of magic. Good luck with the rest of your term.

  8. Beautiful photos! ;)

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  9. I love photo number 6 :-) where do you go to university? It's good that you're back - even if you're away from home. My daughter went to Peru with a volunteer group when she was in university...

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  11. Nice photos
    Would love to follow each other via GFC or BLOGLOVIN?


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  13. Loving the colours and setting.