One of the things that I love most about university life is the wealth of new experiences that it offers. 
Some months ago on a chilly morning, some of my friends and I climbed aboard a maxi taxi and set off on an adventure. We didn't know how to get to where we going or what we would find when we arrived. 
We left our quiet valley and drove through winding roads that we'd never been to before. We drove around sharp corners and on narrow roads. The views from the mountainous drive were quite breathtaking. The driver stopped at a look out point near the top of the mountain, here vendors sold red mango, peppered plums and other delicious candy and preservatives, we could see the salt water and mist that stretched out for miles and miles and miles. 
When we got to Las Cuevas beach we had to rub a thick, greasy disgusting smelling oil into our skin to repel the sand flies that threatened to eat us alive. For days after my skin was irritated because of their nasty bites.
We played and swam and ate until the sun began to set... then we took the winding mountain roads until we were home again.

Happy Thursday

(I'm off to my last class of the day .... -insert fist pump here- )

I am so tired of people hating the way that they look.

 I despise the fact that so many people want to change what is unique and ridiculously amazing about themselves to become what they think society believes is nice, pleasant and acceptable. Honestly, I used to be one of those people.  I hated my ginormous forehead and my lips and the colour of my skin and the shape of my nose and my teeth and my hair and my height, I used to find something new to hate every time I looked into the mirror, it was almost a hobby...I was so damn good at it. Then one day I realised that if I erased everything that I hated about myself then there would be no me, I would become someone else. Everyday I pray for self-acceptance not only for my-self but for all those around me. It's one of my biggest wishes that people learn to accept themselves and others for the wonderful, beautiful miracles that they are. There are still some days when I am insecure about my appearance, at times I think that I'm too short, or thin, or my complexion is too dark the list goes on. I know that insecurity is a apart of being human but I absolutely refuse to hate my appearence or think of myself or anyone else as ugly..... I try to wipe it from my vocabulary when describing human beings. Ugly is such an ugly word. Seriously.... check it..... UGLY is so ugly.

I'm still working on self acceptance....are you?

I have this thing for mermaids.  

Not the I'm best friends with calypso singing sea food kind, I mean the real bad, mean, nasty ones, the Pirates of the Caribbean, we'll lore you to your death and or eat you kind of mermaids. You know the ones who historically spell trouble for sailors? Those kinds.

A few weeks ago a photographer friend asked me to be apart of a shoot that he was putting together. Curtis Henry is one ridiculously talented dude, check out his work here. Fast forward a couple of weeks and my 19th birthday finds us wondering though the forests on a humid afternoon in search of a pool of water. We found it, after lots of walking, and bugs and me falling on my backside, we found it. We took three different sets of photographs, these are the very last ones. They were taken just after the sun had set and it was absolutely freezing! I felt as if my pores were being clogged by ice, my teeth were chattering so hard I thought they would break.
 I'm really happy with the results, I think that I look like a mermaid who made a few wrong turns and got stuck in a shallow pool.

I had and absolutely, ridiculously, fantastic time. At first I was a bit worried about picking up an infection or parasite...... I still am... just a little.

Have a happy weekend 

The sun is setting now but you can hardly tell, we've been stuck in a gloomy state for most of the day. Here where the mountains almost touch the clouds, the sky is a liar because it's grey and for the entire afternoon there's been the promise of rain but not a drop has fallen. There is a chill seeping through the open door, stealing the warmth from our flesh. And I am content yet yearning for more. I am happy but I know that I could be much happier.
My 19th  birthday is tomorrow. When I was a little girl I used to think that on your birthday you'd suddenly be more grown up, that you'd be wiser and treated differently. I couldn't wait to grow up. Now that it's the eve of my 19th year. My final as a teenager. I find myself wanting to push pause on life. To savour this  year before I say my final good-bye to adolescence. 
I took these photos on the day after Christmas. At home the days seem to move so slow and melt into each other, creating an endless treasure trove of memories. 
That's what I want my entire life to be, an endless treasure trove of  memories, recorded with photographs :)

I wish you a wonderful life.
With joy and love and peace.