Las Cuevas

One of the things that I love most about university life is the wealth of new experiences that it offers. 
Some months ago on a chilly morning, some of my friends and I climbed aboard a maxi taxi and set off on an adventure. We didn't know how to get to where we going or what we would find when we arrived. 
We left our quiet valley and drove through winding roads that we'd never been to before. We drove around sharp corners and on narrow roads. The views from the mountainous drive were quite breathtaking. The driver stopped at a look out point near the top of the mountain, here vendors sold red mango, peppered plums and other delicious candy and preservatives, we could see the salt water and mist that stretched out for miles and miles and miles. 
When we got to Las Cuevas beach we had to rub a thick, greasy disgusting smelling oil into our skin to repel the sand flies that threatened to eat us alive. For days after my skin was irritated because of their nasty bites.
We played and swam and ate until the sun began to set... then we took the winding mountain roads until we were home again.

Happy Thursday

(I'm off to my last class of the day .... -insert fist pump here- )