Lost Little Mermaid

I have this thing for mermaids.  

Not the I'm best friends with calypso singing sea food kind, I mean the real bad, mean, nasty ones, the Pirates of the Caribbean, we'll lore you to your death and or eat you kind of mermaids. You know the ones who historically spell trouble for sailors? Those kinds.

A few weeks ago a photographer friend asked me to be apart of a shoot that he was putting together. Curtis Henry is one ridiculously talented dude, check out his work here. Fast forward a couple of weeks and my 19th birthday finds us wondering though the forests on a humid afternoon in search of a pool of water. We found it, after lots of walking, and bugs and me falling on my backside, we found it. We took three different sets of photographs, these are the very last ones. They were taken just after the sun had set and it was absolutely freezing! I felt as if my pores were being clogged by ice, my teeth were chattering so hard I thought they would break.
 I'm really happy with the results, I think that I look like a mermaid who made a few wrong turns and got stuck in a shallow pool.

I had and absolutely, ridiculously, fantastic time. At first I was a bit worried about picking up an infection or parasite...... I still am... just a little.

Have a happy weekend