Self-Acceptance and other serious suff.

I am so tired of people hating the way that they look.

 I despise the fact that so many people want to change what is unique and ridiculously amazing about themselves to become what they think society believes is nice, pleasant and acceptable. Honestly, I used to be one of those people.  I hated my ginormous forehead and my lips and the colour of my skin and the shape of my nose and my teeth and my hair and my height, I used to find something new to hate every time I looked into the mirror, it was almost a hobby...I was so damn good at it. Then one day I realised that if I erased everything that I hated about myself then there would be no me, I would become someone else. Everyday I pray for self-acceptance not only for my-self but for all those around me. It's one of my biggest wishes that people learn to accept themselves and others for the wonderful, beautiful miracles that they are. There are still some days when I am insecure about my appearance, at times I think that I'm too short, or thin, or my complexion is too dark the list goes on. I know that insecurity is a apart of being human but I absolutely refuse to hate my appearence or think of myself or anyone else as ugly..... I try to wipe it from my vocabulary when describing human beings. Ugly is such an ugly word. Seriously.... check it..... UGLY is so ugly.

I'm still working on self acceptance....are you?


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  2. Beautiful post.
    And I 100% agree. i think self confidence is the most beautiful and precious thing truly love yourself for everything you are. society is harsh these days. I think we've all felt insecure and wanted to change something about ourselves but hopefully with age and wisdom, people start to really see that the difference is unique!
    I'm working on it everyday as well!

  3. woow nice ;))

    would you like to follow each other?

  4. I'm happy to read that there are people who actually think this way. we can't change the fact who we are and when we try to hide it then it's sad. one can't be happy when he or she doesn't love herself/himself. and gosh, beauty is always relative, it can't be defined. people should think about it and maybe change their way of thinking and be more tolerant. big things always start from the small ones.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

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  6. Society is so subjective! I agree with you. We should all embrace what makes us unique!

  7. Beautiful picture with a very positive message! Thanks for becoming a Follower of my Blog. I am happy to become a Follower of your Blog. It is great to find another Caribbean Blogger. Have a great day.
    Judy - Judy H-J's Thoughts

  8. beautiful photo my dear. When i was little i was teased all the time for my hair colour (red) and my freckles, and the fact that i was pretty skinny. Now i'm 40 and i have learned to not give a hoot what other people think, i look back at my schhol years and wish i knew then what i know now i dress how i like don't really follow fashion or any 'dress code' and yes, i think i am very comfortabe in my own skin, and it feels great :)

  9. Love the message!
    Thank you!

  10. Belt hanks for this great reminder! God didn't create us to fit into one mold, he created us as individuals and I think that's a really important reminder. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. well said!! We are all beautiful in our own way and believe that things we complain about regarding our physical make up, there is someone out there wishing they had your perceived flaw; to them its perfection! Embrace the beauty you are.

  12. Beautiful photo! Yes I'm working on self acceptance all the time. There are tiny things I say that I want to change about myself. Luckily I'm starting to not care how other people view me.

  13. You are really pretty. Don´t feel insecure about it. It´s the inner beauty that matters to me. I´m finally happy with myself :)

  14. Powerful words and much needed today. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  15. really good said

  16. you are so beautiful, I really love your serious look on that pictures. I went through that phase and I am so glad that I am done with self hatred. I really liked this post. Powerful