Assignments have got me under a lot of pressure but I thought this would be an interesting post to write. If you stop by often you'll know that I absolutely love photographs. I thought that I'd share with you some of the things that I do to achieve photos that I love. These are by no means professional or even amateur photography tips, just the opinions of someone who points the camera and presses the shutter release button.
  1. Have an idea, concept or story behind the image that you are about to take. I personally love when photos tell a story or look like stills from a movie.
  2. While taking the photos and editing them take time to experiment with lighting, exposure, contrast ect.
  3. Experiment with angles, positions and poses.
  4. Take ridiculous amounts of photos, you never know what shot might be THE shot!
  5. Throwing together random objects and props, clothing and make-up just may create a magical moment.
I hope that these suggestions help you create gorgeous shots :)

The photo above is a self portrait I took a few months ago, It's one of my favorites :)
Leave me a link to your favorite self portrait... I'd love to see it!

Have a great Saturday and a lovely weekend 

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I'm not sure whether or not I like my attempt at a smoky eye in these photos. Too heavy, not heavy enough, too dark, not dark enough.... who knows??? Definitely not me!
This set of photos is another part of the shoot that I did with my friend Curtis of Curtis H. Photography.You can find the other photos here. 
I love this dress, it's such an unusual floral print. In fact it's a children dress but by using a skinny belt I think I've made it a little more grown up. Whenever I see these photos, spy from an alien civilisation with a love of summer dresses sent to scout the earth comes to mind. But ya know... that's just me!
Spies by Coldplay is one of my new favourite songs.......I think that it suits these photos very well. And the forest that we went to, STUNNING!
What do you think of this shoot?



Have a fantastic weekend! Mines should be pretty great :)
Look at what I dug up!

After seeing these photos I want to chop my hair off again!
 One of my friends took these photos over a year ago, I'd just lopped off my shoulder length hair and I was feeling freeeeeeee :). I remember feeling absolutely beautiful and confident despite the negative comments that some people kept making.
 Is it weird that I loved being slightly androgynous?
Have you or would you ever cut most of your hair off???

I'm seriously considering getting a buzz cut this summer... but then I'd look like a 12 year old boy with boobs. Not cool, then again...who cares?

Happy Tuesday!!!

I haven't been able to take new photos in weeks. I can only say thank God that I'm usually ridiculously camera, trigger, button happy, I've got a good bit of unpublished photos stocked up for times like these. 

Last year on a Sunday evening in the middle of December my daddy drove me home after spending an afternoon together. While we were heading over a hill and into the valley that I call home, I spotted a site that I had seen many times before. On that day, at that time, with the dying sun setting the sky a flame and shadows falling and filling the land, the range of hills that locals call the Sleeping Indian looked absolutely breath taking. Not immortalising that moment would have been one of my greatest regrets.

Can you see the Sleeping Indian?
His head-dress, his fore-head, nose, body and feet?
If not, it's still a pretty sunset, isn't it? :)