The Sleeping Indian

I haven't been able to take new photos in weeks. I can only say thank God that I'm usually ridiculously camera, trigger, button happy, I've got a good bit of unpublished photos stocked up for times like these. 

Last year on a Sunday evening in the middle of December my daddy drove me home after spending an afternoon together. While we were heading over a hill and into the valley that I call home, I spotted a site that I had seen many times before. On that day, at that time, with the dying sun setting the sky a flame and shadows falling and filling the land, the range of hills that locals call the Sleeping Indian looked absolutely breath taking. Not immortalising that moment would have been one of my greatest regrets.

Can you see the Sleeping Indian?
His head-dress, his fore-head, nose, body and feet?
If not, it's still a pretty sunset, isn't it? :)