It feels so strange being back after such a long absence...
I've just been through a rough few weeks, I've had so many assignments and exams that I've hardly had any time for eating or sleeping or booting up my laptop for anything other than course work or the occasional venture into that highly addictive world of facebook.
 I'm very excited and pleased with myself, I only have one exam left to write, then I'll be headed home next Sunday! Whoop whoop :)

On Friday I did something that I've been tempted and threating to do for a year. My boyfriend and roommate followed me to the hair salon where I had the back and sides of my head shaved...
And it felt good! I'm very tempted to shave it all and rock a buzz cut!! I've wanted to try it since I was eight, but my mommy wouldn't let me!
Maybe next time ;) What do you think?

Have a happy Sunday!
Ps. The name of the post is also the name of the lipstick that I was wearing