Every time I go to the barbershop and ask to have my sides re-shaved, the dudes in the shop look at me like I've gone mad! I usually get asked "Why would a pretty girl like you shave off all your hair?" or my personal favourite, "You sure?". I love my shaved sides, I've had it done for just over a month. I'm thinking about shaving it all off after I come back from Jamaica... did I mention that I'm going for a week in August? Very excited about that!

I realised that I didn't post these photos from early this year, they were taken by Curtis H on the same day as the "Lost Little Mermaid" and the "And the Spies Came Out of the Water" shoot! If you haven't seen those yet, you should check them out he did an excellent job as usual!

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I really want to go to the beach today, I've only been once since I've been home, wish me luck in trying to convince someone to take me, I highly doubt it will happen! 

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