Lazy Afternoon on Ffryes Beach

Yup, my summer is definitely on a roll! I had a great time yesterday despite things not going quite as I had planned. In my head I'd  had it all planned out, the day would begin with me whipping up loads of fabulous mouth watering dishes, then I'd head to the beach with the girls and we'd spend the day soaking up some sun and salt water.

Uh huh THAT was the plan. So on to what actually happened! I got into the kitchen, and realized just how much work whipping up loads of fabulous mouth watering dishes entailed, and believe me,THAT was not going to happen at 10:30 on a Sunday morning, so I climbed back into bed and watched reruns. Very blah, I know. BUT later in the day I raided the fridge and scored, I found leftover lamb and BBQ chicken, so a tin of corn was opened, ripe plantains fried, fresh wood baked bread bought, cider chilled and a pretty patch of sand on Ffryes beach claimed as our own. We soaked up more sand than sun or salt water but we did have a pretty good time.

My summer is definitely going to contain more than a few lazy Sunday afternoons. What's your summer looking like? What have you done so far?  Any special plans, trips, vacations, any dreams of embarking on salt water induced adventures?