The Antiguan Life: Sugar Cane and Coconut Water

Aww shucks, it is hot! The windows and doors are flung wide open and constantly looking up at the ceiling fan to see if it's still spinning is making me dizzy. I'd give up use of my middle toe for a week to put an end to this heat!My momma is off work for a couple of weeks so a few days ago I went to spend the day with her and boy did we have a fantastic time. I swear we ticked a few thing off of that imaginary "Things Caribbean People Do"  list!! 

We went to the backyard and collected eggs, which was very exciting for me because I actually got to see a chicken lay one. Seriously the chicken popped it right out! It wasn't very slimy or gross or anything! Then we said hello to the hens and thank you for the eggs and went inside to make breakfast. Hash-browns, eggs over easy, strawberries, turkey baloney,  fried onions, salty cucumbers, YUM-O!!!

After breakfast we walked about the yard inspecting the trees. My momma is a farmer at heart. The mango trees and pumpkin vines were doing very well! I cant wait for them to be ripe for the picking! I think that my nephew should become a vet, honestly! He's added two turtles to his every growing pet collection and his rabbit had babies last week!


We chewed on sugar cane until our jaws were aching and sore and our mouths and hands were sticky from the liquid sugar. Later on in the afternoon my brave mama climbed up into the coconut tree and we sat cross legged on the hard dirt ground while we drank sweet coconut water and ate semi hard flesh until our bellies were full!

 I think I'm gonna get some more of those yummy eggs from momma, I'm craving poached eggs and some very flaky pastries...How weird is that?

Have Great Saturday, Cheers to the Weekend (is that right?)