Caring for the tapered TWA

 When I first cut off my permed ends it was during the  summer, so I had countless hours to fiddle around in my rediscovered and very awesome natural hair with all it's coils and kinks.  Now, I don't even have time to sit down to a leisurely meal, so I only go near my hair on weekends! I've received lots of comments and questions on my funky tapered  fro, today I'll answer the most frequently asked one. 
"How do you care for it?" 

My routine is pretty easy at the moment. I have a tapered twa and it's easy to care for. I don't use a lot of products, so I avoid heavy build up. Every two weeks I pre-poo with coconut oil and co-wash with Tresemme: Smooth and Silky Conditioner. Each Sunday the scalp is lightly oiled with a mixture of mostly castor oil, small splashes of coconut oil and tiny drops of almond and peppermint oil, then a generous amount of Elasta QP: Olive-oil and Mango Butter Leave-in Conditioner with a small bit of raw Shea butter mixed in is applied to the hair. Tiny two strand twists, like these follow. The twists I keep for a week and each day the hair is sprayed with a mixture of distilled water, leave-in conditioner and coconut oil. The shaved sides are combed with a fine tooth comb and then brushed. 
And of-course, twist-outs are rocked on the weekends!!! I'd like your suggestions for shampoos, I'm out and looking for a really good one.

What's your hair care routine? Are you a product junkie or do you keep it simple? Any go to products?

It's Sunday, so I'm off to do some multitasking, my hair, some assignments (I have to plan, prepare and execute a business luncheon), a few meetings and maybe I'll even deal with the washing.


  1. Sounds like you have a pretty good regimen down pact! I don't like shampoo so I can't suggest one. My new brand line is Shea Moisture. My hair seem to respond well to them but I managed to end up with my hair braided just when my entire line arrived on island so my excitement to try new products have to wait a few weeks. I've been itching to try the Elasta brand since it seem to be pretty good (and economical) but since I ordered so many Shea Moisture products, my pockets are currently brokes :D

  2. PS - honey makes a great natural cleanser! 1/4 cup honey to 3/4 cup water. Shake in a bottle and pour over head. Massage scalp and rinse. Super clean hair! (Just an out-of-the-box alternative) You wouldn't that much for your hair tho...

  3. Where did you get the mango butter? Not here? I have been looking for that high and low.

  4. Enjoyed reading... hair care routeins are important

  5. thanks for sharing this, still figuring out what works for my hair!