Happy Republic Day


Happy Republic Day Trinidad and Tobago! It's a good thing today is a holiday, this chick really needed the chance to wake up without an alarm blaring. My flag and I walked around campus yesterday excitedly ushering in the holiday. My outfits for classes are probably the most uncreative ever, a t-shirt, a pair of slacks and a cardigan. I try to always carry a cardigan or a jacket because my body's temperature gauge goes whack at times and I prefer to be warmer than chilly. 

Since waking up I've had Auld Lang Syne, the Lea Michele version and Differentology by Bunji Garlin on repeat. That is such a strange combination.I know that I'm almost a year late in hopping unto this train. I usually dont like socca but, man this song! It's given me a change of mind, it's amazing. I find the lyrics of any song to be of utmost important and these lyrics,one word, wow. The tittle which I'm assuming means the study of being different absolutely peeks my interest. 

Metro magazine says it better that I ever could: "Differentology is a carnival, a street party, a beach rave: it's every one of your perfect summers distilled into four minutes and 20 seconds."

Happy Republic Day everyone, listen to Bunji Garlin's Differentology and tell me what you think!