I was talking with my good friend Carolyn, I miss her lots and lots, she's studying in all the way in Tainjin, China! So yes, I was chatting with Carolyn when I remembered that I never got a chance to post this. A few weeks ago we attended a Critical Thinking seminar put on by the University. The presenter was pretty eccentric so I stayed  focused for a good bit of the time. Unfortunately I have a ridiculously short attention span and daydream regularly so you know Dr. Ndala M Booker was good at capturing her audience!  The seminar was aimed mainly on  increasing Critical Thinking skills. It was really informative and motivational. Most of the problems that we face each day can be avoided or solved through critical thinking.  I did a bit of research in hopes of condensing those hours into a few short tips that I could share with you. Author Dr. Mary Ellen Guffey has these five steps to better thinking, problem solving and decision making.

1. Identify and clarify the problem.  Recognize that a problem exists. The first step in reaching a solution is pinpointing the problem area.

2. Gather information.  Learn more about the problem.  Look for possible causes and solutions.

3. Evaluate the evidence.  Where did the information come from?  Does it represent various points of view?  How accurate is the information gathered?  Is it fact or opinion? 

4. Consider alternatives and implications.  Draw conclusions from the gathered evidence and pose solutions.  Then, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.  What are the costs, benefits, and consequences?

5. Choose and implement the best alternative.  Select an alternative and put it into action.  Then, follow through on your decision by monitoring the results of implementing your plan.


Thanks for your feedback on the last post! I'll put your suggestions to good use in future The Spotlight features. I've got a few Caribbean designers, musicians and photographers who've agreed to be  in the line up!
I hope these critical thinking steps benefit you like they did me.

It's the weekend! What are your plans? I'm going to live vicariously through Carolyn's photos! 

Happy Friday