Hey, I've got some news!

I've finally decided to publish the Facebook page that I created for Deep Fried Stilettos. I've never published it out of fear that no one would like it, literally. Only a few people in my personal life know about this space, so what I was even more afraid that others that I knew would past judgement.  Now I am over all of that! I'm unashamed of my writing, ideas, thoughts and posts! If people want to judge, let them. I love doing this, it makes me happy, those closest to me support it!

WE'RE ON  FACEBOOK!!!! I'm so excited! I'll say it again...WE'RE ON FACEBOOK!!

You know what would make me even more excited? If you liked and shared the page! Just click on one of the links above and go to the page and like it, share it even, it's hardly
going to take anytime!

What's making your day today?? Any thing got you excited?