While talking with a friend as we headed to lunch today, the topic of  photos came up, specifically underwater photographs. You see, the said friend is a photographer, so once in a while that topic comes up! That conversation got me thinking about these pictures, they were taken a few months ago during my trip to Jamaica. I have so many amazing memories and photos from that trip that I haven't been able to decide which ones to post!

It was the morning of our flight back to Antigua when we realized that in our frenzy to stuff every single moment with life long memories, we'd forgotten to enjoy a simple thing which we took for granted each day as we rushed into amazing experiences. We'd  forgotten to take a dip in the pool! We yanked swimsuits out of packed luggage, wiggled into them, then dived head first into the coldest, most heavily chlorinated water that I have ever come across! It was one great moment in a fantastic trip! Apparently I have the funniest underwater face, ever.

On another note, only a few more weeks until I go home! Between now and then? Six exams. Oh the joy!

Happy Thursday.