Home Again

It feels so good to be in Antigua. On Friday, after only a few hours sleep, it was time to hop on a plane and fly home. I absolutely love flying. I live for the quivering feeling deep in your tummy at take off. When the question "What If..." forces itself to the front of your thoughts.  Does anyone else think that when you're flying above them, clouds look like suds in a giants bath? Come on, I can't be alone in this!

After landing, Adele, who's my big sister and I had a lunch date at EL Taco Loco. The place was pretty empty, I have no idea why. The food was great. It was affordable at about $25 EC each. Adele ordered the Chicken burger and fresh salad while I has the Mexican burger with fries doused with pepper and ketchup. We ended up sharing our burgers and both agreed that the Mexican burger was without a doubt, the winner.

 We're both food lovers, she has a degree in Culinary Arts and I'm studying Nutrition and Dietetics, so when we say food's good, it's very good.  I had their Grilled Chicken meal today and once again it was pretty good! I'm definitely going to stop by again and try some thing a little more Mexican, like their Taco's the place is named after the stuff so it should be pretty decent, right?

Can you believe it's technically Christmas Eve already? What are your plans? I can't sleep just yet so I'll re-watch It's A Wonderful Life. Josean and I watched it last week for the first time and loved it! What are your favorite Christmas movies? I think mine just might be It's A Wonderful Life.