Life Listed

Eating:  M&M’s like it’s a major food group.

Drinking: Water and lots of it.

Mastering: The art of studying. Four more exams to go. 

Reading: Neverwhere by Neil Giam. I’ll finish it, sometime. After exams.

Enjoying: My hair, It’s a mess of coily, curly, puffy, fizzy, tangled awesomeness. Awesome?
It’s awesome!

Listening: To The Fray. :) :)

Needing: An external hard drive (the old one crashed over summer), a phone (Mine got soaked by some mysterious vegetable juice a couple of months ago) and a tablet (my kindle suddenly became unresponsive). I feel like all my electronics have rebelled against me. 

Traveling: Home on  December 20th for the holidays! I can’t wait to see everyone, spend my days in the kitchen and on the beach. 

Loving: The colour on my nails! It’s Blood by Santee. I’ve been wearing it since summer. Blood is as rich, as deep and as warm as its namesake. 

Accepting: That hair grows at its own pace, slowly. 

Watching: Scandal, The Blacklist and the Golden Girls. Someone borrowed my flash drive and it returned with five episodes of The Blacklist. I’m Hooked! 

Craving: Buss Up Shut! My boyfriend says I’m now officially a curry addict! I’ve had buss up shut at least once a week for the last month, and a half! Or has it been two months?

Cooking: Who am I kidding? I don’t cook during the semester unless it’s for a class assignment.

Wanting: The hair at the top of my head braided. I’m not sure how it will look with the small afro I’m nurturing on the sides, but YOLO, right? Or not.

 Wishing: That it was Friday the 20th of December and I was clearing immigration at VC Bird International Airport.

Hoping: That I live up to the dreams and expectations of everyone that’s rooting for me.

Knowing: I am loved.


How's your life been lately?